Heritage Consulting

Heritage Consultants are individuals who work to preserve heritage buildings. They research the history of the building and the people that lived or worked in them. On-site research in the building is undertaken to ensure the quality of the information used in planning the new work. Consideration for modern building regulations and requirements is included at this time.

From that research, a direction for use for the building is planned, and set down in a detailed Restoration Report. It could be for a new use that is compatible with the heritage characteristics of the building, or it could be for a museum quality restoration to return the building to the way it looked when it was built.

A Heritage Consultant is an advocate for the building. Working closely with building owners, or architects or other professionals as part of a team, the Heritage Consultant will outline the importance of construction, materials or other significant features of the building, and recommend ways of preservation and incorporation of those features in a planned reuse of the structure.

A Heritage Consultant also sources rare traditional building materials and fixtures such as hardware and lighting fixtures. They research original paint colours and finishes, and bring in and supervise specialist tradespeople who work on the building itself. Sometimes, the Heritage Consultant will undertake specialist restoration work for significant projects, such as the recreation of wallpapers.

Stuart Stark & Associates have been working as Heritage Consultants since 1983, for clients ranging from Governments and institutions, to businesses and private homeowners.

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