Oak Bay High School

A colour scheme was planned for Oak Bay High School in 2006. The School buildings include the original 1929 historic building, an adjacent 1950’s building, the former Junior High School, and two 1960’s wings on the original building.  The colour scheme was derived from the original building and the complementary colours of blacks, browns and whites on the rare Malibu Tiles, which are featured in the design of the original 1929 building.

The colour scheme had to relate both to the historic building, as well as being suitable for the 1950’s building and the 1960’s additions, paying attention to the architectural features and stylistic requirements of the differing architectural styles, and changes that had taken place over the years.

Malibu Tiles were made  in California for only a period of about six years during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, and are featured in such diverse buildings as car showrooms, schools, residences and the Los Angeles City Hall.

Oak Bay High School (both buildings and all additions) are presently (2010) under threat of demolition by the School Board, to be replaced by a new building. Many people are upset with the plans to demolish a building important to so many in the community.


In June of 2014, Oak Bay High School will see its last graduating class in the old building. A new school is under construction on the playing field in front of the old school. The old school – and the Junior High School from the early 1950s – were demolished in August and September of 2015.


Front page news in the Times/Colonist April 19, 2015.
Photo by Bruce Stotesbury, Times Colonist.