Residential Colours

Colour Schemes for Heritage Houses

Stuart Stark is an expert in historic colour schemes. With thirty years of research in appropriate paints and colour placement, he researches, samples and microscopically analyses paint samples to ascertain the original paint colors and finishes on a building. He draws the facade, showing colour placement and supervises painters during the implementation of the newly restored colour scheme.

Original colour schemes usually look best on a heritage building because the original architect used colour as part of his architectural design – to either accentuate certain parts of the building, or to de-emphasize other parts.

Colour schemes for Heritage houses can be carefully researched original paint schemes from when the house was built, or it can be a paint scheme suitable to the style and age of the house, presenting it in its best light, both architecturally and for the homeowners as well.

Some of the many colour schemes completed by Stuart Stark are presented here.

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